Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Expectations kill the fun. I had always had this feeling of awe for Wall street, I mean, im sure it would be silly if i put it this way 'im awed by this raste ki galli', but then with wall street housing the NYSE and this street being associated with the financial dealings of the whole world, it definitely has gained some amount of wonder from me.

When i was on it yesterday (i took 5 photographs of the street name btw hehehe), and i walked down it, I was almost surprised in addition to a tinge of dissapointment.
The street was rather small. Over crowded with tall buildings, the NYSE stood there, sandwiched between 2 buildings. There were either tourists outside, or policemen. Not much of a crowd otherwise. I was surprised to even find the NYSE in that location !

A little further down was the site of where the WTC was. I found myself taking photographs of empty space 'look ma! no building!'